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Laser equipment is essential in the intelligent equipment manufacturing link, and is also one of the key players in China's manufacturing towards high-end and intelligent. Compared with traditional processing equipment, laser equipment has stronger processing capability, higher precision and much higher processing efficiency.

Laser cutting is a highly open and fully market-oriented competitive industry. At present, low-power lasers have basically achieved domestic substitution, and the localization rate of the medium-power laser market has increased significantly. In the field of high power laser cutting control system, international manufacturers still occupy an absolute advantage, the main well-known enterprises including Germany Peifu, Germany PA, Siemens, etc., the domestic laser motion control system only occupies about 10% of the Chinese market share.

I. Laser cutting control system

(a), China's laser industry in the next 3 years compound growth rate of up to 20% or more

The "2020-2026 China Industrial Laser Products Industry Development Strategic Planning and Investment Opportunity Analysis Report" released by Wisdom Research Consulting shows that: the laser industry is rich in downstream applications, the overall market size of the industry reached 144 billion yuan, and is expected to grow at a compound rate of 20% in the next three years. (1) The laser industry chain includes upstream components and materials, midstream lasers and equipment, and downstream laser application services. The downstream application services of the industry chain include laser cutting, welding, marking, drilling, medical, cosmetic, display, additive manufacturing, etc. Among them, laser cutting is one of the laser applications, which can be widely used in the processing of metal and non-metal materials. (2) In 2018, the market size of China's laser industry reached 144 billion yuan, an increase of 22.14% year-on-year. Among them, the market size of laser components was 28.8 billion yuan, up 22.03% year-on-year, the market size of laser applications was 54.7 billion yuan, up 22.1% year-on-year, and the market size of laser equipment was 60.5 billion yuan, up 22.22% year-on-year. The overall market size is expected to reach 248.9 billion yuan in 2021, with a compound growth rate of 20% in the next three years.

Combined growth rate of 20%.

(B), low-power cutting success in the field of high-power replication is the future of the largest drive

Laser is one of the most important inventions of the last century. In the past 20 years, its application in the industrial field has been growing and has achieved great success. Laser cutting technology is an important part of laser processing technology. Laser cutting machine should be high-speed, high precision requirements in the direction of CNC laser cutting machine. In order to meet the requirements of the new laser cutting machine, the development of high efficiency and high precision laser cutting CNC system, this project uses a dual scanner system plus two-dimensional linear motor table, to achieve the combination of scanner movement and table movement, not only to improve the cutting speed and accuracy, but also to solve the problem of the small range of the scanner cutting, to achieve a wide range of processing.

At present, in the field of low and medium power laser cutting control system, the combined laser motion system produced by Bachu Electronics, Weihong and Aosendik has a market share of about 90% in China. That is to say, all three are at any time facing the risk of increased competition in the low and medium power laser cutting market.

Ultra-fast laser scientific research first appeared 30 years ago, and after 2003 the application of ultra-fast lasers for scientific research gradually increased, to 2010 after the application of industrial ultra-fast lasers gradually recognized, until today, ultra-fast lasers are still a hot spot for industrial lasers at home and abroad.

Ultra-short pulse lasers are represented by picosecond and femtosecond exciters, which have a wide range of industrial applications. With the development of new applications such Helpful hints as consumer electronics, new displays, biomedical, 3D printing, high-end equipment, etc., the requirements for laser processing fineness are getting higher and higher, and ultrafast lasers have become an important direction for precision processing. Domestic and foreign laser companies have laid out the laser, ultra-fast laser equipment market.

(1) Domestic control system has basically achieved import substitution by virtue of good product performance and comprehensive cost performance, and the domestic laser motion control system has occupied the dominant position in the Chinese market, of which the market share of the top three enterprises in the industry (Bochu Electronics, Weihong, Aosendik) is about 90%. Its low and medium power products have obvious advantages in terms of stability, reliability, precision, speed and ease of use.

(2) In the field of high power laser cutting control system, the technical requirements are higher and the barriers are bigger. At present, international manufacturers such as Germany Pepperford, Germany PA, Siemens, etc. still occupy an absolute advantage, and domestic laser motion control systems only occupy about 10% of the market share.

(C), the next three years is expected to laser cutting control system sales growth rate of more than 30%

In the next three years, the low-power laser cutting equipment demand compound growth rate of 17.99%, high power demand compound growth rate of 38.49%. The rapid development of China's manufacturing industry and the upgrading of traditional industrial manufacturing technology have driven the sales of laser cutting equipment. 2017, the number of low and medium power laser cutting equipment sales reached 22,500 units, an increase of nearly 60% over 2016, and in 2018, affected by the macroeconomic downturn, sales reached 26,000 units, an increase of 15.6%. The number of high-power laser cutting equipment sales in 2018 will grow to 6250 units, an increase of 30.2% year-on-year. Taking into account the overall industry compound growth rate of up to 20% and the historical growth rate of low power and high power, it is expected that under the natural growth of the market and the replacement of the stock, the sales of low power laser cutting equipment in 2019-2021 will be 31,200/36,816/42707 units, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.99%, and the sales of high power laser cutting equipment will be 9,100/12,700 units. In 2019-2021, the sales of low and medium power laser cutting equipment will be 31,200/36,816/42707 units, with a compound annual growth rate of 17.99%, and the sales of high power laser cutting equipment will be 9,100/12,700/16,600 units, with a compound annual growth rate of 38.49%.

Third, the development trend of CNC laser cutting technology

The future of China's laser cutting technology in the choice of generators will be more diverse, generator power supply type more diversified, more stable energy output, the structure has certain characteristics, the use of laser cutting machine costs will be significantly reduced, the harm to the human body will also be significantly reduced.

CNC laser cutting technology applications continue to increase, China's three-dimensional cutting, automatic focus and constant light path technology gradually mature, the use of airborne lasers by moving the beam of large format thick plate laser cutting technology operation will also be gradually improved.

(IV), concluding remarks

China's CNC laser cutting technology will develop toward new areas, industrial production for laser processing class R & D product demand, requiring technical personnel to continue to develop new markets. In order to improve the efficiency of CNC laser cutting technology, technicians should optimize the control panel of CNC laser system. Among them, the system management module of CNC laser cutting, technicians should do a good job of managing the system database. According to the standard process database management standards, the laser cutting mode is monitored and tested in real time, the current processing parameters are tested according to the requirements of the commonly used processing methods, and the industry process standard parameters are compared and analyzed, and the unreasonable process preparation information is modified.